Tuesday, April 26, 2011

more movie project

I finaly found some time to work on the movie project again. I really like this project but sadly my school sucks and this is just a small side project. The big project for this semester is a FLASH game and sadly I am on of the better programmers in my group what means I am doing the Actionscript code. So I spend most time programming instead of doing cool visuals and working on the movie.
Here is a little update on the scene I already posted I think its coming along nicely but if someone reads this and has a good tip on how to make it more photoreal, let me know.

I also started on a another shot but this one needs much more work. Also this shot is not entirely done by myself. A few of the highrise buildings are done by Simon Spatzl

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Back in School

As I spent the last 7 month in London working on BATMAN ARKHAM CITY, I am now back in Germany finishing my last year in school. And I finaly have something to post. We have to do a short movie again. This time we are going for a realistic look and below is a first WIP rendering of the set. So far the scene is all done by myself and about one week of work. Hopefully this movie doesn't turn out as horrible as our first try in making a short.