Sunday, May 31, 2009

Some Character Modeling

This is a character I worked on for the last days. The concept was done by my buddy
Walter Druck. You can find a link to his blog in the right panel.
The highpoly took me 5 days, the lowpoly + fur also took 5 days.
Here are some renders of the highpoly model without the fur.

This is the finished lowpoly model with Normalmap and AmbientOcclusion.

Screenshots where taken in the Unreal 3 Engine. The model has about 18000 polys

about 14000 for the entire body and about 4000 for the fur.

This is the Finished Model with textures and rigged into pose. Again screenshots are done

with the UE3. The Fur was the most difficult to do especialy during the skinning.

But I learned a lot on how to do the envelopes right.

This is the concept done Walter. He made a few of these with differnt armors. This is the one
that fitted most into the setting.

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